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Extremity - Best of France

Best of France gives you an oversight of the most memorable moments from the latest events in France: Tignes Airwaves, Red Bull X-Alps and much, much more. (5 episodes x 26 minutes)

Extremity - Best of FMX

This best of is a compilation of the most unforgettable moments & impressive images of the 05-06 FMX season: sky-high jumps, danger, speed … excitement guaranteed.  (5 episodes x 26 minutes)

Extremity - Best of Kitesurf

Discover the best riders of the PKRA World cup of Kite surf who lead you to their favorite places worldwide. (5 episodes x 26 minutes)

Extremity - Best of Snowboard

Let emerge yourself in the world of mega jumps (O'Neil SB Jam, Nokia Air & Style), the Halfpipe from O’Neill Pro Freestyle and marvelous footage of Verbier Xtreme.  (5 episodes x 26 minutes)

Extremity - Best of Switzerland

Come and discover extreme Switzerland and enjoy the most exciting competition battles such as Verbier Xtreme, Freestyle.CH, Nescafé Open, …  (5 episodes x 26 minutes)

Mind the Gap

Filmed in Europe and the USA, “Mind The Gap” brings some of the biggest names in freeski to the screen in 45 minutes of rapid adrenalin action. Big names include Simon Dumont, Jon Olsson, Candide Thovex, Andreas Håtveit, Charles Gagnier, Peter Olenick and Sammy Carlson. (1 episode x 45 minutes)


This is probably the best video edit in the snowboard video history with always the best riders and tricks in snowboard and freestyle ski. A33 has definitely influenced the freestyle scene in the way of considering editing and FX in extreme sports movies. (1 episode x 40 minutes)


“Retrospect” features 42 minutes of skiing by the best Am’s in the business. Shot on location at Mammoth, Vail, Park City, Okemo, Killington, Loon, Waterville Valley, Stratton, Hunter, Belleayre, Toggenburg, and many others. (1 episode x 42 minutes)

Extremity - The Hour

Brings the most impressive images of the most extreme sports existing (kite surf, base jumping, snowboard…) as well as reports of the hottest & best competitions. (1 episode x 60 minutes)

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Riviera Stunt Riders

Riviera Stunt Riders, it is a French crazy team of motorbike, which shows some incredible tricks of stunts.  
(850 episodes x 10 – 30 minutes)

Street Laws

“Street laws”, an explosive cocktail with the best stunt teams of France and everywhere else. Discover Free Ride, carpack, falls, shows, and much more. (1 episode x 50 minutes)

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Beautiful natural landscapes, moving in harmony with relaxing ambient music. Environments: Mountains, Alps, Snow, Underwater or Desert. (20 episodes x 20 minutes)

The Mediterranean, Provence & Garrigue

Come and discover the Mediterranean:  from the coast of Alpes-Maritimes along the garrigue in the Provence region. A real breathtaking experience. (1 episode x 78 minutes)

A Summer Between the Mountains and the Sea

Beaches, rivers and mountains: discover the character of these breathtaking landscapes throughout ambient music. The first episode “naturing” guarantees more than one-hour pure relaxation. (1 episode x 80 minutes)

Four Seasons in Nature

Full of natural scenes, this fourth episode guides you through the four seasons: the magic of winter, the beauty of spring … A moment of peace whenever you need it. (1 episode x 82 minutes)

The Colours of Nature

Each season has its own specific color: blue, red, green … Let’s immerse yourself in this mix of colorful landscapes and enjoy the real beauty of nature. (1 episode x 86 minutes)

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Tropical Aquarium

Now you can own an amazing undersea tropical aquarium without any of the effort of looking after real fish! With fantastic guppies, tetras, puffer fish and many more undersea creatures lurking in the aquarium, this is a DVD perfect for relieving the stresses and tensions of everyday life. (1 episode x 40 minutes)

Marine Aquarium

Now you can own an amazing undersea marine aquarium without any of the effort of looking after real fish! With fantastic corals, fish, and a variety of other undersea creatures lurking in the aquarium, this is a DVD perfect for relieving the stresses and tensions of everyday life. (1 episode x 40 minutes)


HD video makes this aquarium look so real that people may approach the screen to see if the fish react.  Get all the Feng shui benefits of living water without any of the mess. (1 episode x 60 minutes)


Flowers are a universal way to invoke positive emotions.  Enjoy beautiful animated paintings of some of nature’s loveliest gifts including vibrantly colored tulips, roses, wisteria, iris, orchids, marguerites, and red poppies. (12 episodes x 5 minutes)


Mesmerizing video of one of nature’s most soothing elements.  Relax with the sights and sounds of water trickling off a branch, cool down with a summer rainfall, take delight in breathtaking waterfalls. (12 episodes x 5 minutes minimum) 

Romantic Cities

The major romantic cities of the world melt together with ambient compositions. Visit Paris, Venice, London, Amsterdam, Athens, New York, Miami, Marrakesh, Sevilla, Havana, Prague, Lisbon and Cairo and experience why these beautiful locations are known for their romantic intrigue.  (8 episodes x 52 minutes, 1 episode-Marrakesh x 26 minutes)

Snow for the Holidays

Enjoy glorious winter scenery with soothing renditions of the world's favorite Christmas carols. Piano renditions of classics such as Carol of the BellsWhite Christmas and O Holy Night are set to breathtaking videos of majestic snow capped mountains, flowing winter streams, snow covered pines and many more majestic winter images. (HD 1 x 60’)

Sea of Jazz

Sea of JazzExperience the unique breathtaking beauty and power of the ocean and her precious creatures. Filmed on location in the Hawaiian Islands, this awe-inspiring footage has been edited to original smooth jazz compositions.   Become entranced in a soul-soothing experience laced with aural and visual delights. (HD, 1 x 33') 


Suitable for relaxation and meditation, series of 6 videos that capture breathtaking and tranquil scenes of Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Maui and California coasts set to soothing music specially composed for each title.  High Definition.

Spring Blossoms

Gaze out over fields of wild flowers. Walk through fruit orchards filled with blossoms. Take in the rich colors of nature's bouquet. Springtime comes alive and all things are anew as Spring Blossoms. (HD 1 x 60’)

Summer Lakes

Imagine looking out from the porch of a lakeshore cabin. In front of you is nothing but a serene lake and the wilderness that surrounds it. No one else is on the lake but you, so sit back in your hammock and enjoy the view as you listen to the relaxing sounds of nature and soothing music. (HD 1 x 60’)

Autumn's Harvest

Autumn is a time of plenty. Take a moment to enjoy one of the most colorful times of the year and the bounty nature provides. See grapes heavy on the vine, leaves changing color, pumpkins in the field and much more of Autumn's Harvest. (HD 1 x 60’)

Winter's Solitude

Winter is a magical time. See the landscape transformed as a blanket of snow spreads out before you. Trees heavy with white, mountains capped, a waterfall frozen in time, fill yourself with the calmness and beauty of Winter's wonderland. (HD 1 x 60’)

California Coast

Relax to beautiful sunsets over the Pacific, the surf gently washing ashore, waves splashing over rock formations, and many more beautiful sights along the California Coastline. (HD 1 x 60’)

Maui Waters

Take a journey to Maui. Relax on a secluded black sand beach as waves roll into the shore. Experience wonderful sights along the famed road to Hana. View the lush green coastline as it plunges into the Pacific. Take in a private moment at a tucked away waterfall. (HD 1 x 60’)